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Learn More About Our Innovative Service Options

Due to many different changes and circumstances, we have noticed that our clients oftentimes struggle to pay for the services their pets need. That’s why we’ve created the Critter Care Pet Fund that gives financial support to our fixed-income clients through donations. If you are able to give any amount, we ask you to consider. To make a donation you can call us here at the North Wayne Animal Hospital.
Funds are used at the discretion of the hospital.
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Apply to CareCredit for Intuitive Financing Solutions

Learn more about this modern healthcare payment solution! 
  • Provide your pet immediate care for any treatment amount
  • Use for future exams, medications, or even food
  • Keep for unplanned or emergency veterinary services
  • Choose between several convenient payment options
  • Apply quickly and easily
Be sure to click on the provided link for a CareCredit application.
CareCredit Application

We Welcome Donations to the Critter Care Pet Fund

We at North Wayne Animal Hospital have noticed financial difficulty among our clients due to the change in the economy. Through donations, North Wayne Animal Hospital has created a fund to give financial support to our fixed income clients to help aid in the health care of their pets. Any amount would be extremely appreciated. 
Funds are used at the discretion of the hospital. To make donations please call North Wayne Animal Hospital.
CareCredit Application
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